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  • 在全国性的选举中,他遥遥领先。
    He was home free in a national election.

  • 在最初投票时,克拉克遥遥领先。
    Clark took a commanding leading in the early balloting.

  • 她总是遥遥领先于班上的同学。
    She was always well ahead of the rest of the class.

  • 主队份遥遥领先,很可能成为胜利者。
    The home team , far ahead , is the probable winner.

  • 这个队在锦标赛中遥遥领先于其他各队。
    Which football team is the leader in the football championship?

  • 这个队在锦标赛中遥遥领先于其他各队。
    The team has pull well ahead of the rest in the championship.

  • 如果你遥遥领先,闭上鸟嘴,继续领先。
    If you are ahead, shut up and stay there.

  • 他们在军事上遥遥领先。
    They are far ahead militarily.

  • 我们承认篮球赛输了,因为对方遥遥领先。
    We conceded the game of basketball because the other team was so far ahead.

  • 他现在已经遥遥领先对手,几乎不可战胜了。
    He now has an almost unbeatable lead over his rivals.

  • 西部地区投资增长更以42%的增速遥遥领先。
    Investment growth in the western region to 42 percent more growth ahead.

  • 但在在线广告和电子商务方面,美国市场仍遥遥领先。
    But the U. S. market remains leaps and bounds ahead in terms of online advertising and e-commerce.

  • 在两家美国对手遥遥领先的情况下,汉堡王在中国能否成功?
    With its two American rivals so far ahead, is Burger King likely to be successful in China?

  • 考虑到时间的长短,需扫描到计算机*,它遥遥领先的休息。
    Considering the amount of time that it takes to scan the computer*, it's far ahead of the rest.

  • 三年来,麒麟首次击败了朝日公司,上半年在日本啤酒市场遥遥领先。
    Kirin led Japan's beer shipments in the first half, edging out Asahi Breweries Ltd. for the first time in three years.

  • 丁俊晖在第四局终于找到手感,单杆拿下64分,大比分以4比0遥遥领先。
    Ding Junhui in the fourth finally found the touch, scored 64 points, single pole, a large margin by 4 to 0 lead.

  • 普遍公认的排名是美国遥遥领先,位于首位,随后是日本、国、国、国和意大利。
    The generally accepted rankings are the United States first and way out in front, followed by Japan, Germany, Britain, France and Italy.

  • 根据波兰政府的官方数字,去年对波兰的外国直接投资,法国与德国遥遥领先其他国家。
    According to Polish government figures, France and Germany led the way last year in foreign direct investment in the country.

  • 电脑!下棋,我不行;打拳击,你不行。/下棋我赢不了电脑,但在拳击上我遥遥领先。
    A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

  • 随后西班牙队继续压制对手以扩大自己的领先优势,半场结束就以52-29遥遥领先。
    Spain continued to pile on the pressure and streaked away to establish what turned out to be an unassailable 52-29 lead at the midway point.

  • 郭守敬一生的科技成就有十几项遥遥领先世界水平,为全人类的科学事业做出了巨大贡献。
    GuoShouJing lifetime achievements in science and technology has far more than a dozen world-class, for all the science has made great contributions to the cause.

  • 但有所不同的是“十大新锐企业”的东隆落下第二名500多票,可谓遥遥领先春风得意”。
    But from the top ten for cutting-edge enterprise " " the dong long down second place in the 500 votes, have a commanding lead " " flushed with success.

  • 讽刺好莱坞年度最烂影片的「金酸莓奖」入围名单出炉,演员琳赛.罗涵和艾迪.墨菲入围项目遥遥领先。
    Actors Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy lead the nominations for the "Golden Raspberry" awards, singling out Hollywood's worst movie performances from the past year.

  • “日本制造”的各种小配件,曾以其低廉的价格,行销全球并一路遥遥领先,令美国的电器制造产业大感蒙羞。
    "Made in Japan" gadgets, once cheap and flaky, ended up as world leaders in quality, humiliating America's electronics industry along the way.

  • 中后卫霍布斯和门将大卫-马丁已经成为莱斯特城的功臣,在英甲他们已经以10分遥遥领先排名第二的球队。
    Centre-back Jack Hobbs and goalkeeper David Martin have been key in Leicester City gaining a 10-point lead at the top of League One.

  • 在共和党内部,她的支持率更是达到了极高的73%,遥遥领先于其他可能的2012年党内总统提名的竞争者。
    Among Republicans, she scored a whopping 73% approval rating, far outpacing any other plausible contender for the party's presidential nomination in 2012.

  • 在印第安纳州民意调查的结果十分接近,参议员奥巴马在北卡罗来州以两个数点遥遥领先,而在此已经缩小为一个。
    Polls show a very tight race in Indiana, and that Senator Obama's comfortable two-digit lead in the polls in North Carolina has dwindled down to single digits.

  • 不过这些奖状是有点倾向于以入球作考虑,他们这对球员分别在英超轰进了18和16粒进球,在射手榜上遥遥领先。
    These awards do tend to follow the goals though and with 18 and 16 respectively in the Premiership this pair are far ahead of the competition.

  • 巴塞罗纳目前在西甲联赛中遥遥领先,但是在小罗的梦之队中却没有他对友的位置,而是挑选了几位来自即将对阵的对手的球员。
    Barcelona are currently running away with the Spanish league but the Brazilian decided there was no room for his team-mates - preferring to heap the plaudits on their forthcoming opponents.

  • 从而,使爱立信遥遥领先于其竞争对手。直到今天,爱立信仍然是唯一能同时提供达到欧洲、美洲和日本标准的数字移动电话的公司。
    That put it way ahead of competitors. Ericsson is still the only company with digital mobile phones that meet European, American, and Japanese standards.

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