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  • 不过,俄罗斯矢口否认这一指控。
    Nevertheless, this accuses Russia absolutely deny.

  • 日本小姐:一边做,一边矢口否认!
    Ms Japan: He disclaims it while he is doing.

  • 部分官员对事实仍矢口否认。
    Some officials are still in denial.

  • 但多西对于姚明的声诉却是矢口否认。
    But the West's Yao Ming hearing is denied.

  • 伦敦及爱丁堡的部长们矢口否认此类苟合。
    Ministers in both London and Edinburgh deny any such collusion.

  • 事后,平客顿却矢口否认想烧毁房屋的意图。
    Afterward, Pinkerton denied that the raid's intent was to burn the house down.

  • 实习生反复向被告交待了政策,可被告仍然矢口否认。
    The trainee explained policy to the accused repeatedly, but the accused still absolutely deny.

  • 随后通过媒体矢口否认这件事,说“我从来没说过呀!”
    Afterward categorically denies this matter through the media, said that "I have not said! ""

  • 你明明知道至少有一打证人反对价钱,怎么还站在那儿矢口否认。
    knowing that there are at least a dozen witnesses against you, is beyond me.

  • 「你救我?你救我什麽了?」女司机矢口否认,引得几个乘客窃笑。
    "You save me? What have you done to save me?" The driver retorted, and a few of the passengers were quietly laughing away.

  • 当一个农民来到地主家里征收武器时,地主矢口否认她家里藏有武器。
    When a peasant came to her home, the landlord's wife denied she had any arms. "Oh, yes you have! ""

  • 你明明知道我证据确凿,怎么还会站在这里矢口否认,这我真不明白!
    How you can stand there and deny it, knowing that I have the evidence, is beyond me!

  • 这3名穆斯林男子在当日举行的听证会上矢口否认参与袭击阴谋,坚持自己无罪。
    This 3 man in the Muslim day of hearing denied participation in the attack plot, insist on his innocence.

  • 该事件(有目击者证明)招致联合国难民署的强烈谴责,土方矢口否认有任何过错。
    The incident (corroborated by witnesses) prompted a harsh rebuke from the United Nations refugee agency; Turkey denies any wrongdoing.

  • 同样军方矢口否认任何虐待行为,却没有详细说明那些遭遇船难的罗辛亚族人的实际状况。
    The army has issued blanket denials of any ill treatment without fully explaining what actually happened to the shipwrecked Rohingyas.

  • 他质问妻子,她很快的矢口否认,但保罗并不相信她是无辜的,所以他开始暗中监控娜莉。
    He asks his wife who soon clears that matter. He is not fully convinced of his wife's innocence and keeps a watch on her.

  • 虽然这三个国家矢口否认,但在一些人眼中,美国的盟友在掩盖和纵容绑架和对犯人的人身折磨。
    All three strongly deny this, but in at least some voters' eyes, the American alliance is now tainted with connivance in kidnap and torture, followed by cover-ups.

  • 可是她对谁都不吐露真情,她用辛辣的讽刺回击一切嘲弄;而对认真的规劝,不是矢口否认就是泪如泉涌。
    But to no one would she grant her confidence, answering all taunts with bitter sarcasm, and all serious expostulation with sullen denial, or with floods of tears.

  • 一月份上就有摩擦,美国财政部长,盖特纳称奥巴马认为中国在操纵汇率,到那时美国政府随后又矢口否认。
    There was friction in January when Timothy Geithner, the US treasury secretary, said Obama believed China was manipulating its currency, but the US administration subsequently rowed back.

  • 组委会副主席康健民矢口否认:“肯定不是,虽然具体原因我们也还不知道,但是可以肯定不是因为这个原因。
    Organization committee vice-president the healthy people categorically denies: definitely is not, although the concrete reason we had also not known, but may definitely not be because of this reason.

  • 英国卫生部长在1993年还矢口否认艾丽森-威廉姆斯所面临的危险性,这位年轻的威尔士女人最后进入昏迷。
    Britain's chief medical officer was still denying any risk in 1993 as Alison Williams, the young Welsh woman, drifted into a stupor.

  • 现在,布朗就是要在矢口否认和完全屈服中间找到一个恰当的语气,该语气非但不会降低其威信,反而会让其增加。
    What Mr Brown needs is to find a tone between adamantine denial and abject prostration, one that bolsters his authority rather than forfeiting it.

  • 日本的政治家们和某些出版商共同炮制谎言,他们矢口否认日军1937年在故都南京屠杀了成千上万的中国平民。
    Japanese politicians and publishers have made a cottage industry of denying the 1937 Nanking Massacre in which the Japanese killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in the old Chinese capital.

  • 东京一直坚称有11名日本公民,在90年代遭北韩间谍掳走。北韩领导人金正日矢口否认(一口咬定,死不承认)指控。
    Tokyo has long claimed that 11 Japanese citizens were kidnapped by North Korea in the late 1990's. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il vehemently denies these allegations.

  • 他知道赵姗带着明回她父母家的事,所以认定他们之间有暧昧关系,赵姗矢口否认。罗涛一气之下飞到沈阳,决定找明算账。
    He knows Ming has gone with her to see her parents and accuses her of having an affair with him, which Zhao Shan denies.

  • 彼得,一个时常软弱的人,而且就在六周之前,他更矢口否认基督;但此刻他却被神使用,藉著他传讲福音,使三千人得救。
    Peter, a man who had often failed and who six weeks before had said he had never known Christ, now is taken up by God and used for the salvation of 3000 people.

  • 奥巴马矢口否认自己在所发的传单中就《北美自由贸易协议》和医疗保障计划问题上误导选民。希拉里的医疗计划是命令全美人民都买保险。
    Mr. Obama denied misleading voters through the Nafta flier or another one about her health care plan's mandate that would require all Americans to buy insurance.

  • 当外交官询问他们是否看见过手机时,两人矢口否认。但他们万万没想到的是,手机内置高科技跟踪系统却显示手机就在他们其中一人的衣服口袋里。
    They denied having seen the phone when the ambassador called to inquire about it, but the hi-tech gadget's inbuilt tracking system led to its eventual location in one of the men's pockets.

  • 曾被戴安娜王妃称作“她的磐石”的仆役长保罗·伯勒尔对关于他盗窃的指控矢口否认。指控称他偷盗了大量王妃的私人财物,范围从个人信件到女性内衣。
    Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell, the man she once called"her rock, "pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing hundreds of her personal belongings, from letters to lingerie.

  • 这个年轻人一开始对自己闯入当地一家办公室内并偷走一台电脑的行为矢口否认,但在警方向他展示了其被碎窗户玻璃割断的那截手指后,此人立即对相关犯罪事实供认不讳。
    The youth initially denied breaking and entering into an office to steal a computer but confessed when police produced the digital remnant, which had been severed on a broken window.

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